Go-Growth – 2001

A New In-Company Workshop Programme for Senior Managers – tailored to meet your company’s needs for sales and profit growth.

Growth is the single biggest issue for the European Consumer Health Industry today.

Yet, at the same time, there are a number of companies consistently out-performing their competitors in the market. Go-Growth – 2001 is based on a tried and tested programme with companies now beating the trend.

Many managers share concerns about the value of strategy workshops and management teach-ins because they are either too general or theoretical or fail to produce an immediate action agenda.

James Dudley, as one of Europe’s best known consultants in European consumer healthcare, has used his extensive experience in strategic marketing to design this in-company workshop for creating growth strategies.

Go-Growth – 2001 is based on sets of new tools and frameworks, which can be used to deliver real results. The programme can be designed to meet specific company issues and to produce that elusive immediate strategic agenda.

The programme runs for two days and includes the following:

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Day 1

  • Exploration of client company growth position in a competitive business environment and identifying barriers to growth.
  • Key ingredients for creating a growth orientated culture.
  • Identifying growth platforms within the client company’s market segments, technologies and new product streams.
  • Targeting the client company’s growth pathways
    • existing customers and product portfolio
    • new customers
    • innovations
    • new geographies
    • new channels
    • new industry structures

Day 2

  • Making the ‘divest or turnaround’ decision for failing business units, brands or market segments.
  • Frameworks for developing a growth strategy – marketing tools and shortcuts to decision making
  • Developing realistic investment criteria to match the current marketing environment
  • Defining new growth horizons for the client company’s business in terms of time lines and action requirements
  • Production of the immediate action agenda.

Go-Growth – 2001 success is based entirely on working with key managers on the real challenges and opportunities within their own companies using a well-proven framework approach.

Contact: James Dudley: [email protected]


A tailored programme of lectures, frameworks, case studies and workshop sessions based on James Dudley’s vast experience and empirical research of Winners and Losers.

  • This programme guarantees to bring company managers up to speed on the complexities of Rx to OTC switching in just two days.

The programme includes:-

  • Regulatory issues
  • Understanding consumer needs
  • Switch options and approaches
  • Estimating impacts on the parent Rx brand
  • Estimating opportunity attractiveness
  • Forming a switch team
  • Developing process pathways
  • Frameworks for successful strategies
  • Internal communications and conflict resolution

Contact: James Dudley: [email protected]